About Our Business

We are part of the Offshore Energy Industry and have been involved in that
business segment with success for 30 years. We understand the business
clearly from a commercial and technical experience. We have designed and
produced products on a state of the art level and hold several advantages in
the industry by holding technical know how as well as patented technology.

We where presented an opportunity to use that experience in another
developing offshore industry, that being the Offshore wind power industry  and
apply our knowledge and know how as well as our patented technology as a
transfer of technology to this business.

Through the patents we hold several advantages will be leveraged to develop a
business which will also take advantage of the lack of experience in the
offshore wind industry and expand the available area of power generation
access by use of our patented technology. Therefore increasing our market
share very rapidly and solidify our position in this market as the top leader of
foundation technology for the offshore wind industry.

Given the current conditions of the energy industries, the growth of the world
populations, emigrant of third world countries and their industry all contribute
to the natural growth of the business through demand for more and more
power to meet those demands that are presently not being met and will only
increase with time.

In addition to our technical knowledge we have long term experience in the
over seas supply of offshore equipment and have mature relationships to
immediately commence production of the equipment and therefore reduce the
learning curve and cost of getting a product to the industry that it needs so
badly. This will allow us to grow the company at a faster than normal pace and
also reduce cost while generating a profit in a short period of time.

The industry of the offshore wind power business from a owner operators
point of view is in most respects a duplicate business model of the offshore
petroleum industry, the resultant products are different, oil vs. electric power
but the equipment is very similar. The environmental conditions are the same
and therefore the challenges are the same. We have an advantage in that we
know this industry very well, and we know the people in the industry on a
global scale and have the relationships to take advantage of this and therefore
can grow the company without many issues that a new company would have.

Intellectual Property
U.S. Patents 7163355, 7163357 - January 2007
•        Our design, The Titan 200 has been developed to the point that the
technology is accepted as a good and viable design for this application.
•        The US Patent office has issued several patents for the design to date,
including a Utility Patent for which the process of combining the technology of
an offshore jackup platform and an offshore wind turbine for the installation,
deployment and operation of offshore wind farms.
•        Patent includes 38 accepted and approved patent features including the
production of electricity, fresh water from sea water and hydrogen from the
power that the platform produces.
We have been awarded process/utility patents in the United States, the
European Union (over 40 countries), China and Singapore and continue to
execute on our patent strategy.
Offshore Wind Power Systems
of Texas llc