TITAN 200 Highlights
  Installation cost
The Titan 200 is self installing.  It requires only a tug to bring to location and a
workboat to bring installation aids (jacks, etc.) back to shore base.
•        Fully assembled unit with tower and turbine towed   to site
•        No derrick barge or other offshore construction equipment
•        No dredge or other site preparation rigs
•        No special purpose vessel or equipment to deliver to location
•        No pile driving or suction piles
•        True 2-day installation without construction spread
  Construction cost
•        Mass production of hulls and legs in a low cost location in far east.  
This activity takes place year-round.
•        Transport to Shipyard near installation site, 25 platforms at a time
(3 shipments per season = 75 platforms).
•        Structural unit cost (price/weight) is approx 25% of UK prices.
•        Tower installation and final assembly at UK yard near installation site
•        Installed price goal per megawatt is comfortably achieved.
  Site irregularities
Not a factor for installation:
•        Sand waves
•        Subsoil boulders or other obstructions (if more than 20 m below mudline)
•        Scour
•        Platform is continuously adjustable at time of installation to insure
verticality of tower.  Level seafloor not required.
•        In event of long term loss of verticality, platform can be easily leveled
by temporarily re-installing installation jacks.  
•        No need to un-install tower to adjust
•        No serious construction project to adjust
  Personnel access
•        Fully IMO approved boat landings and ladders (retractable)
•        Optional helideck
•        Optional stairs
•        Optional man-loaded crane
  Maintenance access
•        Davit at each leg for cargo and jack handling
•        Optional crane of any size (nominal 40-50 tonne suggested)
•        A-frame davit for installation/removal/change-out of containerized
control room, power and other deck equipment
  Range of locations,
common design
•        Robust family of designs for various water depths and environments
•        Standard designs for 3.6 MW and 5.0 MW turbines in 35 to 45 M water depth
•        Natural frequency can be fine-tuned for the site by adjusting leg
reaction pads rather than by total redesign
•        All platforms in a field will have same design, easily adjustable
for variations in water depth.  
•        Economy of scale is assured.
  Performance and life
•        Design by collaboration of US and European engineers and scientists
with 100’s of years combined experienced in the hull form and
European offshore wind market
•        State of the art design taking advantage of all aspects of dynamic
design including adjustable mass, spring rates and damping to
assure optimized design meeting the site requirements.
•        Thorough fatigue analysis and design details for the life of the facility.
•        Standard design to ABS requirements.
•        Optional submittals and approvals by other agencies such as DNV or Lloyds
•        Safety systems to IMO and other requirements
Note:  Platform is unmanned except for occasional maintenance procedures.
This brief list summarizes important issues discussed at the three Carbon
Trust meetings in London and shows how the Titan 200 addresses them
perhaps better than other designs.  We welcome your comments and look
forward to discussing the Titan 200 with you soon.
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