Offshore Wind Power Systems
of Texas llc
Typical Scope of Measurement for
Atmospheric and met Ocean Data
1.        The tower is a guyed, triangular, non-insulated, open face structure.

2.        The tower is designed in accordance with ANSI/TIA 222-G-2005 including
addendum 1, 222-G-1, dated 2007, for the following parameters and equipment:

Structure Classification II
175 MPH 3-second gust basic wind speed with no radial ice
100 MPH 3-second gust basic wind speed with 1.0” basic radial ice     thickness
Exposure Category D
Topographic Category 1
Climbing and Working Facility Class B

a.        One (1) FAA red obstruction lighting system.
b.        Sixteen (16) weather monitoring levels, located every 25’ between the 25’
and 400’ level inclusive.  Each level consists of temperature, wind and/or
pressure measurement devices with a maximum of two (2) ½” diameter cables
per level for transmission of data.  Maximum of thirty-two (32) ½” cables are
supported on six (6) ¾” rigid conduit to varying heights.
c.        Four (4) wrap-around work platforms, one (1) located above each guy level.
d.        One (1) inside climbing ladder with cable type safety device.

3.        All material is hot dip galvanized after fabrication and coated with a
non-corrosive epoxy based paint, approved by manufacture for marine use.

4. The following material is supplied with the tower:
a.        All tower steel, hardware and guys.
b.        Four (4) wrap around work platforms.
c.        All conduit for cable support.
d.        Inside climbing ladder with safety climb.
e.        Mounts for sixteen (16) levels of weather monitoring equipment.
f.        One (1) FAA red obstruction lighting system.

5.        All side mounted antennas and associated mounts must be erected and
accessed by using climbing attachment anchorage on the tower.  No provisions
have been made to use side mounted antenna mounts as climbing attachment
anchorage points.  Refer to Section 12.0 of ANSI/TIA 222-G for additional

6.        It is recommended that the tower owner place a sign at the base of the
tower indicating that this tower has been supplied as a Class B climbing and
working facility and only competent climbers, as defined in ANSI/TIA 222-G, shall
access the tower.  It is also recommended that the tower owner purchase a copy
of ANSI/TIA 222-G and place a copy of Section 12, Climbing Facilities, in a water
proof container/envelope at the base of the tower.

7. Client specified instruments or client provided instruments are separate supply
beyond the scope defened by this specification.