Offshore Wind Power Systems
of Texas llc
The Titan Wind Measurement Platform System (TWMPS) is a extension
of the capabilities of the basic platform systems of the Titan series of

All the technical and environmental load capabilities are inclusive, IE..
3.6 - 5 MW turbine loads at the rated water depth, the difference being
the inclusion of environmental monitoring equipment is integrated into
the basic platform.

This design enables the operator / developer to have a platform for
wind, wave and other measurement capabilities within the selected
wind farm, make measurements and relocate the platform to other
locations, and when the study is complete transform the platform into a
Turbine foundation for the same location, this reuse of the fondation
saves large amounts of cost to the developer and adds tremendous
flexibility to the overall operation.

As is the case with the Titan series of platforms being self installing, the
TWMPS and its Met Tower are self erecting, therefore no assembly at
sea is required, no heavy lift vessels are required. And the Tower can
be retracted stored and then redeployed to another location. , our legs
penetrate the sea floor and when removed are the least intrusive in the
marine industry.

Our tower designs are all guy wire supported, enabling our platform to
support the tower through the full range of turbine blade height, top tip to
the bottom tip range of even the largest turbines. The designs are all
rated for storm conditions to industry standards, typically ABS certified.

The monitoring and recording instruments are all located in our self
contained module integrally mounted into the upper deck. Both
atmospheric and met ocean data are available. Crew quarters and
personal support is available to be mounted on deck or within the hull.
Typical Scope of Measurement for
Atmospheric and met Ocean Data
State of the Art Insturmentation and
Recording Equipment, all self
Moduler Construction
that is redeployable
All Self installing platform and
Tower erection
Titan WMPS
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