Statement of Strategy 2011
To achieve superior returns for our stakeholder and partners In the emerging offshore wind and energy
space by leveraging over 40 years of deepwater platform experience; by deploying patented deepwater
platforms of superior design, lower cost and easier installation than alternative designs.

Mission Statement
Offshore Wind and Power System of Texas is dedicated to filling a void in the emerging Offshore Wind
and Energy Space through the design and deployment of an advanced deepwater platform that is
unique, protected by patents and that will become the standard design choice for offshore wind farms
globally.  In addition we will pioneer a solution to the potable water needs of island states and drought
stricken coastal regions through our unique approach to the desalination of sea water.
This is rooted in a simple, yet fundamental different design that allows offshore wind farms to
substantially reduce their cost to deploy or to relocate deepwater turbines.  The uniqueness of our
design generates lower manufacturing cost, lower shipping cost, portable assembly and low cost
Management Team

Douglas Hines – CEO/President
Mr. Hines has spent the last 28 years working in all areas of offshore design and project management for the
construction and installation of offshore exploration and production platforms. During this 28 year period he worked for
National Supply Company, Ingersoll Rand Co., IPS of Fort Worth, Texas, Continental Emsco, and for the last 10 years
prior to forming Offshore Source, he was President and Managing Director for OSL Offshore. Also during this period he
developed and constructed new and innovative products for the US government, Western Company, National Oilwell
Co. Halliburton Co., many of which have become the standard for the offshore industry. Mr. Hines has an excellent
reputation in the field, and is particularly well known for technical achievement in oilfield equipment design and
manufacturing over the past 25 years.

Jim Morris – VP Engineering
Jim Morris will lead the technical effort of the company using his 35 Years of machine design and International project
management experience. Jim has over 35 years experience in designing, patenting and managing overall engineering
projects associated with offshore drilling platforms and jackup systems.
Under his direction the technical staff will refine the designs of the company, make improvements in technical design
and production techniques to drive down cost and increase profits. Jim has a proven track record of leadership, and
innovation with the companies and individuals he has worked with and will bring those qualities to the role of Manager
of Engineering of the new company.

Nail Ding – VP China Operations
Nail Ding as Manager of the China Operation will bring his successful 15 years of project and company management
in the offshore equipment construction business to our organization. His demonstrated leadership in the shipyards of
China under the direction of Mr. Hines in the past has established a trusted and proven ability to get the job done on
time and within budget under adverse conditions. He has taken key management positions in China and made
significant improvements in production of products and service to increase profits while improving the service of the

John P. Knouse - Vice-President, and Corporate Legal Counsel
Licensed to law practice in the State of Texas on September 16, 1968; 40 years of private law practice in Texas;
Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 1977 (recertified over the past 31 years);
an “ AV “rated attorney by Martindale Hubbell Law Directory, a nationwide listing of all attorneys in the United States,
an “A’” rating requires 10 years or more practice and is the highest rating given and “V” rating means “very highly
recommended”, as rated by peer attorneys upon confidential surveys taken by Martindale Hubbell itself); Currently
conducts a private law practice at 16970 Dallas Parkway, Suite 110, Dallas, Texas since 1988; Past State Legal
Counsel for the Texas Jaycees; wrote Appellate Briefs in the Jack Ruby case, stemming from the John F. Kennedy
Assignation while in law school and with Phil Burleson’s firm.  He also has been a partner in an oil exploration
company, Enertex Exploration, Inc.,  

Gene Niswander, CPA - Secretary/Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
Licensed to practice accounting in the State of Texas - April 27, 1970. Over 40 years accounting experience covering
public, corporate, and private businesses. Managing Member of Niswander & Associates, PLLC. 1264 Harwood Rd., Ste-
100, Bedford, TX 76021. Mr. Niswander has an extensive and diverse accounting background, including a role as CFO
of an international energy company with focus in the Middle East.

James E. Ingle – Strategic Advisor
James E. Ingle P.E. graduated from Rose Polytechnic Institute (now Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology), Terre
Haute, Indiana, in 1953 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. He is a Registered Professional
Engineer in Indiana (No. 09188) and in Oklahoma (No. 12987 retired) and Registered Professional Land Surveyor
(retired) in Indiana (No. 10058). During his career, spanning over 50 years, he has been engaged in the successful
engineering of unusual and innovative projects for the offshore oil drilling industry, the inland waterways system, and
the road building and mining industries, and has been responsible for conceptual designs, preliminary engineering,
final engineering, estimates, specifications, contracts, selection of contractors, quality control and initial startups of
major projects, some of which exceeded $100,000,000 in cost.
2004 ASME-IPTI / OTC Woelfel
Award for Mechanical Design
Jim Ingle (R) , Douglas Hines (CTR)
Offshore Wind Power Systems
of Texas llc